How to open mills slot machine without key

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I lost the key to my slot machine I bought a Japanese slot machine a couple years back, but when I moved a city over I misplaced my key to it. Please answer quickly, because I can't play it without flipping the switch inside the machine. P.S. IF you need any information to prove my ownership I will provide it. Mills antique collectors slot machine. Found on Craigs List Mills antique collectors slot machine. Found on Craigs List Welcome, Guest. Please login ... within a half hour it was in my back seat and now the garage. No key was included but when I got it home, one of my replacement lock keys fit it! ... If you search the web looking for "Mills open front slot machines" you may find more information and ... "Slider key" - Antique Locks I have a mills slot machine with a slider keyed lock and only a key to the front. You have what is called a "Bell" type lock which was used by the Mills Novelty Co., and others. Keys are similar to the "sidewinder" type found on some contemporary autos although the original "Bell" type lock was invented in 1920.

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» What do you do if you've lost your machine door key? ... then with two flat head screwdrivers I carefully open up the door where the lock is, surprisingly, I have ... Hacker Slot: Super Key open doors for slot machines and terminals

In case you have lost real keys from gaming slot machines or terminal it is not necessary to rush to drill the lock. In this case, you definitely will help professional instrument - universal key.

Slot Machine This 25 cent slot machine is a contemporary* version of the Mills 1930s Bursting Cherry Slot Machine. It a fully working jackpot. It is beautifully restored and especially attractive. Firm Price: $1995 plus $245 shipping. For more information, send an e-mail to: or call Ken Durham on 202-213-1585. $1995.

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How to hack Novomatic slotTo date, slot machines Gaminator are the most common in many countries.Such round locks are sophisticated device than other locks. Unlike rough hacking universal key does not leave traces of opening. It does not take a lot of time, special tools and highly skilled... Who Invented the Slot Machine? Slot Machines History