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candy box 2 - How do I beat the Octopus King? - Arqade The items I have equipped are;Pink Gloves, Body Armor, and Leather Boots (not that they do anything) I have both Tomes and the Cauldron from the sorceress, and cannot come up with a strategy. Candy Box 2 Walkthrough | LevelSkip The Wishing Well is a fun little feature in Candy Box 2. Toss a candy in it and you'll instantly heal your wounds, which is much better than waiting for them to heal on their own. Each time you use this feature the number of candies needed to heal you jumps up, though, so don't waste this insta-healing frivolously.

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Jan 27, 2016 · I almost beat the forest by jumping past enemies... And then tree spirit. :( use monkey wizard staff (enchanted) octopus king crown with jaspers pink... Candy Box 2 | Page 7 | Novel Updates Forum Jan 27, 2016 · Why you do this to me!! :( ^^ haha so you wanna know something funny, I apparently had the app already on my phone. something I had to of download over...

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From Candy Box 2 Wiki. ... The Octopus King has 380 HP and attacks melee. (16 Damage) After killing him, he will drop crown, which you can enchant twice. One with Obsidian, and the other with Jaspers. You can see him in The Cave Entrance however he randomly appears. Fighting the Octopus King is optional and normally you see him a few times ... candy box 2 - How do I beat the Octopus King? - Arqade The reduction in damage is enough to over power the octopus with whatever equipment you may have. Once you enchant the crown to fire fireballs, beating the monkey king is easy too. I should also point out I played the entire game without eating a single candy, there are enough health boosting items in the game that you shouldn't require extra ... Octopus King's Crown - Official Candy Box 2 Wiki The Octopus King's Crown is a piece of armor that can be obtained by defeating the Octopus King in single combat. It does nothing, other than increasing your confidence. If Chocolate bars are thrown into the wishing well, you can enchant the crown.. Enchantments [edit | edit source]. The crown has two Enchantments: Jaspers and Obsidian. When enchanted with Jaspers, it will frequently shoot ... Candy Box 2 Fighting the Octopus King (Ep. 2) - YouTube Candy Box 2 Fighting the Octopus King (Ep. 2) Eric Gano. Loading... Unsubscribe from Eric Gano? ... Candy Box 2 - Cyclops Lighthouse Puzzle Walkthrough! - Duration: 4:26.